This is a blog section of technical support hub. It’s different from a blog post because it will give you information which is relevant to you , unlike a blog discussion. Most people start there webroot installation on the page page. There are simple steps to download webroot from page .

  • open in any of your browser .
  • this website will directly download the installer file or it will give you an option to download or save , depends on the browser settings.
  • run the program after downloading it.
  • Finally it is asking for your webroot key code
The way which we recommend will also download your program like
Why not with page will download your program and you will be able to redeem your key code as well. But in future if any problem will come to your computer. At this point if you lose your keycode somewhere then you will face problem to get your webroot back.

There are two possible solutions is this scenario –

  1. Note down your key code at a place where you can get it again in between the complete license period of webroot. This solution is not that realistic. You can still lose it.
  2. The second method will help you to keep track of everything with a webroot account.

Creating a webroot account instead of going to

  • either go to the and find my account section or reach page directly.
  • Now login if you already have an account for webroot otherwise click “create account”.
  • Create account option is parallel to login. See image above.
  • Now on “create account” option you have to fill all the details including your webroot key code .
  • click on “register now” finally .
  • Most noteworthy here you need to create a password as well as a security code. This is a two step verification account.
  • And now the time to check your email inbox , which you given in the form. Seems like you have an email. Just click on the link to verify.
  • Login with the newly created password and security code combination.
  • Download and run your webroot secure anywhere .

So creating a account with webroot will help you to keep track of your license.


If you do not want any hassle in installing your webroot and also about other technical and security stuff in your computer. You have a choice to go on the homepage . Here you will get a contact form. This contact form will help you to reach 24/7 online experts technical hub. If you have any software related questions or you need any advice on any computer software issue you can directly reach to webrootsafe page. page and

It is a page made to avail the information direct to the user , so a user can do everything by himself. Follow our different page for initial configuration of a new computer. Troubleshoot your old computer with our experts contents which will work in your computers metrics. And you will feel the difference in the performance.