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easy Backup and Sync

To get started with the online backup system, you click a button to log in to your Webroot account online and follow the prompts. Once you finish, you have a new folder named Webroot Anywhere. Whatever you put in this folder syncs to the Webroot cloud, in encrypted form. It also shows up in the Webroot Anywhere folder on your other devices. The Panda Cloud Drive component in Panda Gold Protection works in a similar fashion.

You can add other sync folders, perhaps to sync personal files from one device to work on them using another one. If you designate a folder for backup rather than sync, Webroot doesn't sync it with other devices, but it gives you more choices. In a backup folder, you can choose whether to include subfolders, and designate file types for inclusion or exclusion. Webroot retains previous versions of files, in case you regret your most recent edits. It keeps five previous versions for sync folders and 10 for backup folders.

For synced folders, Webroot updates files whenever they change, and it also pushes the updates to your other devices. It archives backup folders once a day, by default. If you want a different schedule, you must open Advanced Settings, choose Scheduler, and click the Backup tab. Here you can choose to run backups only on specified days of the week, and set the time of day for backup activity. There's also an odd option that lets you set it to run backups at intervals from one hour to 999 hours.

From the online console you can view and manage your synced and backed-up files. Conveniently, you can log in and download a local copy of any file or folder as a zipped archive. There's no restore function like what you get with Symantec Norton Security Premium and others, just the ability to download files and folders. But you can deauthorize a lost or stolen device, to ensure the thief can't also steal your backed-up files.

webroot safe home services

Home security

webroot safe office services

Business security

A very  well-designed hosted management console. Innovative policy management mechanics. Highly customizable email alerts. Very lightweight client with fast installation and scanning. Intuitive and streamlined management GUI. Perfect score in hands-on malware blocking test. Very good malicious URL blocking. Good phishing protection.

User Interface

One thing I liked about Webroot SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Protection is that it's delightfully simple to set up. A client application can be deployed and installed with minimal fuss after being downloaded from the web console. The only prompt is for the activation key that matches the client up to the online account. At that point, Webroot SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Protection will scan your system for existing threats and then enable itself. On the client side, Webroot SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Protection provides a tiny, streamlined user interface (UI) that lets you perform a few key tasks such as scanning, manual blocking, and log checking.Use

The Web Console is a straightforward, tabbed UI that didn't suffer from too much simplicity, unlike Avast for Business Premium Endpoint Security. A nice touch here for IT consultants is that Webroot SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Protection can manage multiple organizations from one console. You can drill down into each to find a specific Endpoint Protection module. From there, it's possible to manage policies, groups of devices, run reports, and change global settings, which can be applied to all devices.

Administrators have a wide and deep reach when it comes to controlling devices registered to the management console. A full gamut of system actions, such as restarting the system, restoring a file, setting up scans, and running command line tools, are just a click away. Some of the features are slightly more complicated than I'd like, though. For instance, restoring a file requires knowing its Message Digest algorithm 5 (MD5) hash. While this can be tracked down through the log files, it seems unnecessarily involved. Granted, this is only effective if the system recognizes that a process is doing potentially malicious things.

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